Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

$130 /40minutes

Brighten your smile in less than an hour with our teeth whitening services. Hydrogen peroxide is brushed on to the teeth avoiding the gums. When peroxide gets on the gums, it can cause sensitivity, which is why we ensure it is brushed on the teeth only. A Blue LED light is then placed in front of your teeth for twenty-minute intervals two times. Done all in one visit, this quick, effective treatment is great to add a boost in your grooming routine. Results last between three to four months, depending on your lifestyle. Beverages that stain such as wine and coffee, and smoking can decrease the longevity of any teeth whitening treatment. 

A hydrogen peroxide is brushed on the teeth, avoiding the gums. Peroxide on the gums is one of the main causes of sensitivity when whitening.
A blue LED light is then placed in front of the teeth for 2 twenty minute sessions (done all in one visit)
Results last 3-4 months depending on your lifestyle.
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