Shaping Your Eyebrows for the First Time? Here’s What to Know

Shaping Your Eyebrows for the First Time? Here’s What to Know

Shaping Your Eyebrows for the First Time? Here’s What to Know

  • Posted by Anastasia Yarrow
  • On June 28, 2022

Eyebrows frame the face and can make you look polished and put together if they are properly groomed and maintained. If having neatly groomed brows helps with your self-confidence and overall look, good news, it is an easily attainable goal!

What is eyebrow shaping?

Eyebrow shaping generally involves plucking, threading, waxing or trimming eyebrow hairs to get the desired shape. The most common at-home method, plucking, requires a pair of tweezers, a mirror, and self-control. Working with your brow shape, pluck under your brow, where you see stray hairs. Plucking at the top of your brows can alter the shape of your natural arch. It is best when plucking at home to only pluck stray hairs around the main area of your brow. When plucking, be sure to pull hair in the direction it grows. Otherwise, you can end up with ingrown hairs, which can be quite painful.

Why seeing a brow expert is a good idea.

Our brows alter your face shape, altering your appearance. A bad brow job can make it an awkward 4-6 weeks. Because brows are on your face, it’s hard to hide them if you were too enthusiastic with the tweezers.

Before you get your brows shaped, there are a few things you need to know:

Have an idea of what you want

From clean, crisp lines to softer, more natural looks, there are many shapes and styles of brows out there. Knowing the direction you want to go with will help your stylist achieve the results you want. Always remember that everyone’s brows are different. We don’t all have the same hair growth or pattern.

Notify your stylist about any skin concerns or changes

Waxing can be very irritating for some people with sensitive skin. If you are on certain medications, waxing is not recommended and should be avoided at all costs as it can cause extreme reactions. Be sure to tell your stylist if you have any skin concerns or if you have recently had a facial. If you regularly use retinol, vitamin A or had a facial within roughly seven days of your appointment, there is a risk of skin being taken off when using wax.

Avoid makeup and skincare on the day of your appointment.

In order to achieve the best results possible, leave your skin and brow hairs alone. All makeup and skincare products need to be cleansed from the skin before your appointment. Come with fresh, clean skin, and try to avoid moisturizers.

It’s a process

While brow shaping may seem like an additional monthly expense, you actually really only need to get them done every 4-6 weeks, depending on your desired shape and effect. Ask your brow artist for maintenance tips that can help stretch time out between appointments. However, if you want clean, crisp lines, less time between appointments is better.

In the end, hair grows back.

At the end of the day, eyebrows are hair, and they can and will grow back. Depending on the state of your brows, this can be a good or bad thing. In order to get the brows of your dreams, The Fix offers several options for your brows, including brow lamination, ombre brows, microblading and eyebrow shaping. In order to start your brow journey, book an initial brow appointment with the stylist of your choice.



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