Ear Piercing

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Ear Piercing

Price includes earrings and piercing.
All earrings are surgical steel or gold plated. There are many options to choose from in-store.
Piercings are done with an ear-piercing gun.
Please note: We ONLY pierce ear lobes, we DO NOT pierce cartilage. Cartilage should NEVER be pierced with a piercing gun.

Care Instructions:

Before you arrive:

Eat something before your appointment in order to keep your blood sugar levels steady. Do not drink alcohol immediately before your appointment. 


Typically, earlobe piercings will heal in around 6 weeks. During this time, make sure to follow aftercare instructions in order to avoid any irritation, swelling, or infection. 

  • ALWAYS wash your hands before touching your ears or piercings
  • Cleanse your new piercing three times a day using an alcohol-free solution. 
  • Rotate your earrings completely while cleaning them to prevent the posts from sticking to the ear. 

Healing Process

  • After the 6 week healing period, you can change your earrings to other styles. 
  • For at least 6 months, do not go longer than 24 hours without an earring in your piercings in order to avoid them closing
  • Continue to clean your piercings as needed
  • Ensure you use 24k gold or surgical steel earrings for the first 6 months to a year in your new piercings in order to avoid sensitivity
  • Try to wear light studs style earrings in new piercings, do not wear anything heavy or dangly that could get caught on items of clothing