Choose Your Perfect Mani-Pedi Colours for the Season Transition

Choose Your Perfect Mani-Pedi Colours for the Season Transition

Choose Your Perfect Mani-Pedi Colours for the Season Transition

  • Posted by Anastasia Yarrow
  • On August 28, 2023

Summer or Fall?
Choose Your Perfect Mani-Pedi Colours for the Season Transition

As the days grow shorter and the air takes on a crisper edge, the transition from summer to fall is upon us. With this seasonal shift comes a change not only in wardrobe but also in nail polish choices. The age-old dilemma arises: Should you stick to summer’s vibrant hues or embrace autumn’s warm tones? Fear not; we’re here to guide you through the colourful question of choosing the perfect mani-pedi shades for this seasonal crossroads.

Sunny Summer Colours

Summer is all about vivacious energy and lively spirit; summer nail colours should reflect that. Bright, cheerful shades evoke the sun-soaked days spent by the poolside or the sandy beaches. Think of shades like coral, aqua, and sunshine yellow. These vibrant colours perfectly complement your sun-kissed glow, allowing you to bask in the last rays of summer.

Tropical Coral

This lively shade encapsulates the essence of summer. It’s reminiscent of vibrant sunsets and tropical flowers. A coral mani-pedi exudes an air of playfulness that’s perfect for those end-of-summer gatherings.

Sky Blue 

Capture the essence of clear summer skies with a refreshing sky blue. This shade adds a pop of serenity to your nails, reminding you of leisurely afternoons spent gazing at the endless horizon.

Bright Yellow

Embrace the sun with a sunny yellow polish. Just glancing at your nails will make you smile as you recall those sunny beach days. This shade pairs well with summer dresses and sandals.

Fabulous Fall Colours

Autumn ushers in a sense of cozy warmth and a kaleidoscope of changing leaves. It’s a time for richer, earthy tones reflecting the changing landscape. The transition to fall calls for deeper, richer shades that echo the comfort of sweater weather.

Burgundy Bliss

 As the leaves turn from green to deep red, maroon, and burgundy, so can your nails. This sophisticated hue exudes elegance and pairs perfectly with the warm tones of fall fashion.

Olive Green

Just like the evergreen trees that remain steadfast through the seasons, olive green is a versatile fall colour. It’s a nod to the nature that surrounds us, offering a calming and grounding effect.

Chocolate Brown

 Capture the essence of hot cocoa by adorning your nails with a luscious chocolate brown. This deep and decadent shade complements fall outfits and brings a touch of indulgence to your fingertips.

The Middle Ground

If you find yourself torn between the two seasons, fear not – there are colours that bridge the gap between summer and fall. These shades incorporate elements from both worlds, allowing you to navigate the transition seamlessly.

Burnt Orange

 This shade takes the best of both seasons. It has the warmth of autumn leaves and the vibrancy of summer sunsets. It’s a beautiful compromise that adds a touch of elegance to your nails.

Deep Teal

 Reminiscent of the ocean depths and the changing foliage, deep teal is a balanced blend of summer blues and fall greens. It’s a colour that transitions effortlessly from beach outings to cozy evenings.

Ultimately, the choice between summer and fall nail colours comes down to your style and the mood you want to convey. Whether you’re holding onto the last bits of summer or eagerly embracing the fall coziness, your mani-pedi can be a reflection of your seasonal vibes. So pick your colours and let your nails tell a story of the shifting seasons. To get your perfect colour fix, book your mani-pedi at The Fix to get a fresh, fun look.