Beyond the Bikini: Waxing Treatments For Your Bikini Area

Beyond the Bikini: Waxing Treatments For Your Bikini Area

Beyond the Bikini: Waxing Treatments For Your Bikini Area

  • Posted by Anastasia Yarrow
  • On June 12, 2024

Beyond the Bikini: Waxing Treatments For Your Bikini Area

Are you considering a bikini wax but unsure which style to choose? At The Fix 299, we offer various waxing options to suit your preferences and comfort. Whether you want just a bit of tidying up or a completely smooth look, we’ve got you covered. 

Bikini – Outside the Underwear Line

The bikini wax is perfect for first-timers or those looking for minimal grooming. This wax removes hair that falls outside the underwear line, ensuring no hair peeks from your bikini bottoms. It’s a subtle and neat option, offering a clean look without going too far.

The apple bottom wax takes care of everything from the bum cheeks to the area in between. It’s a comprehensive service for those who want thorough grooming in the posterior region. This wax ensures that all areas are smooth and hair-free, providing you with confidence and comfort.

Exaggerated Bikini Line

For those who want more than just the basics but aren’t ready for a full Brazilian, the exaggerated bikini line wax is the way to go. This service removes more hair than the standard bikini wax, covering a broader area. It’s ideal for those who want a bit more tidiness and comfort without completely baring it all.


Brazilian wax is the ultimate choice for a clean, smooth look. This wax removes all hair from the front to the back, leaving you entirely hair-free. Whether you prefer a completely bare look or just a small strip of hair left, Brazilian wax is versatile enough to accommodate your preferences. It’s popular for those who want long-lasting smoothness and minimal maintenance.


Yes, we mean your bum cheeks! This wax is designed for those who want to keep their derrière smooth and hair-free. It focuses on the outer cheeks, ensuring a neat and clean appearance. This can be a standalone service or an addition to other waxing services for a complete look.

Apple Bottom

Zinc Oxide Wax: Gentle on Sensitive Skin

At The Fix 299, we understand the importance of using gentle yet effective products. That’s why we use zinc oxide wax for all our services. Zinc oxide wax is renowned for its soothing properties, making it an excellent choice for sensitive skin. It minimizes irritation and redness, ensuring a more comfortable waxing experience.

Pre-Waxing Tips

To get the best results from your waxing appointment, follow these pre-waxing tips:

Avoid Retinol and Accutane

 Stop using any retinol or Accutane products at least a week before your appointment. These can make your skin more sensitive and prone to irritation.

Exfoliate Gently

 Exfoliating the area before your appointment helps remove dead skin cells and can prevent ingrown hairs. Use a gentle exfoliator to avoid irritating your skin.

Come With Clean, Dry Skin

Do not apply any creams or lotions to the area on the day of your appointment. Clean, dry skin allows the wax to adhere better.

Wear Loose Clothing

 Opt for comfy, loose-fitting clothes to your appointment. Tight clothing can cause friction and irritation post-wax.

Aftercare Instructions

Proper aftercare is crucial to ensure your skin heals well and remains smooth. Follow these steps for the best results:

Keep the Area Clean

 Gently cleanse the waxed area to avoid infections.

Avoid Heat and Friction

 Avoid activities that generate heat and friction for the next 24-48 hours. This includes hot baths or showers (use cool to lukewarm water only), saunas, hot tubs, and steam treatments.

No Tanning

 Stay away from sunbathing, sunbeds, or fake tans during the first week or so.

Skip the Gym

 Refrain from sports, gym workouts, or strenuous exercise that can cause sweating and irritation.

Hands Off

 Avoid scratching or touching the treated area with unwashed hands.

Wear Loose Clothing

Continue to wear clean, loose-fitting clothes to minimize irritation.

Avoid Swimming

 Stay out of chlorinated pools, as chlorine can irritate freshly waxed skin.

No Deodorants or Lotions

 Do not apply deodorants, body sprays, powders, or lotions to the waxed area.

Moisturize Daily

 Keep the area moisturized with a gentle, fragrance-free lotion to maintain smooth skin.

For the best results, schedule regular waxing appointments every 4-6 weeks. This helps maintain the smoothness and makes future sessions less uncomfortable.

At The Fix 299, we are committed to providing a comfortable and professional waxing experience. Whether you’re new to waxing or a seasoned pro, our variety of services and expert techniques ensure you feel confident and smooth. Book your appointment today and experience the best in bikini waxing!